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Brand new to the market, this incorporates the traditional look, but is complimented by using modern technology.  This is brought to you by the leading manufacturer Bathroom Brands, Bathroom Brands have created leading famous brands e.g. Burlington, Clearwater and Arcadia.

This range of showering solutions can be utilised and adapted within both the Traditional or Modern Bathroom setting.  The Lever/Crosshead design complements the traditional range, touches of ceramic and a digital shower trim.

Whether your bathroom is contemporary or traditional, the sleek design and elegant finishes of this digital shower complement the look and feel of any bathroom.

This new range provides two trim options either the simple but attractive Contemporary or stunning Classic, both of which are manufactured from Metal and Chrome.

The main features of these shower valves are:

Precise Temperature Control
The valve technology allows accurate water temperature control

Colour Changing Knobs
This features allows you know see when the temperature is correct, also changes colour when the temperature is adjusted up (Red) or down (Blue)

Flexible Control Options
Single outlet for a Fixed Head, Dual outlet for Fixed and Diverter Handset, also Dual control for Fixed Head and Bath Filler

Simple Divert Operation
This is a push button system and the twist or pull is no longer necessary with this new technology, you can run outlets independently or together giving a greater showring experience

Remote Control
This is an optional extra to compliment your installation, this will need to be installed within 10m from the shower.  This can be used to activate the shower, but also to divert from one outlet to another.

Enhanced Safety Features
Cool Touch Metal Controls, Consistent Temperature (Built-in thermistor checks the temperature 10 times/second), Automatic Shut Off, Temperature Override (Pre-Set Maximum Temperature 41°C, can be overridden to 46°C)

Technical Features
Brushless Pump, Solenoid Valves, Push-fit Isolation Valves, Temperature Thermistor, Ceramic Cartridge, Push-Fit Electrics

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